Serie A Tim (Insidefoto)

The Spanish TV rights multinational has decided to invite the top managers of the Italian Serie A to the derby Espanyol-Barcelona.

There are different ways to do business. Mediapro is ready to impress the Italian managers in order to get the necessary market share to enter the Italian football. The main objective of the Spanish multinational is to showcase its facilities and consistency to the Italian managers in order to convince them about the potential of the company.

Recently, the Spaniards have presented their project to the ‘audiovisual committee’ of the Italian football league. On Monday, they will present their business model and project once more, but this time in front of the assembly.


Two envelops will be presented. In the first, is the new offer as ‘intermediary’. We are talking about an offer of €970-980 million.
In the second, instead, is an offer with two options to develop the Lega channel in three or six years.

Mediapro’s goal is to become a producer and financier at 360 degrees. The Spaniards want to create a thematic channel including the national Serie B as well. The multinational would be ready to set up a broadcast available 7 days a week in order to rent it out to as many platforms as possible.

The offers presented by Mediapro will expire on February 16, 2018.